Woman touching a closed casket with a bouquet of lilies in hand

Offering Condolences: The Right Things to Say at a Funeral

Dealing with death is never easy, regardless of your relation to the deceased. If you’ve been invited to a funeral, the person that invited you looks at you as someone they want around in their time of need – whether you were friends with their loved one, or simply a friend to them.

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Overhead photo of woman writing thank you notes

What To Say In A Sympathy Thank You Note

Neptune Society is here to help you in your time of need by providing you with some tips on what to include in a sympathy thank you note, or funeral thank you card. 

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Gentleman comforting woman at a funeral

How to Dress For a Funeral

Going to a funeral is relatively rare for most of us, and when the time comes, it is stressful enough without being concerned whether the outfit you wear is appropriate. As a rule, it’s generally best to choose more traditional, conservative attire in regards to how you dress at a funeral.

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Seniors lifting weights in gym

Four Tips for Staying Healthy as We Age

As we get older, what our bodies need to stay healthy begins to shift. Due to different nutritional needs, and the slowing of the metabolism, people begin to burn fewer calories naturally once they get older.

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