How To Transfer Cremated Remains Into An Urn

When a loved one passes away, it’s common for their remains to be cremated and shipped to the surviving members of the family or friends. In some cases, these remains are not shipped with an urn. When this occurs, many people opt to purchase an urn separate from where their loved one was cremated. But

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Map of the US with a thumbtack

More Americans Choose Cremation Over Burial

For the first time, more people in the U.S. choose cremation over burial during their end-of-life preparations, reflecting a longstanding trend.

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What Does the Funeral Planning Process Entail?

We want to alleviate the stresses of the funeral planning process, so when your loved one passes, you can celebrate his or her life free from worry.

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Planning Your Future with Parkinson’s Disease

When you’re unexpectedly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, planning for your future becomes fundamental to your well-being and peace of mind.

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funeral culture

How Are Funeral Rituals Different Across Cultures?

Funeral traditions around the world often have similar themes, but can still vary greatly. Most put an emphasis on respect, reverence and rebirth.

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What to Know When Scattering Ashes in Ohio

Scattering ashes is legal in Ohio, with some stipulations. Here’s how to do so in accordance with the law, following the cremation of your loved one.

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How to Approach the Talk: Encouraging Your Loved Ones to Make End of Life Decisions

Sitting down and having a long conversation with a loved one about what they want to happen after they pass on can be emotional but it is a pivotal step.

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cremation memorial

Five Facts You May Not Know About Cremation

Not only is cremation cost-effective, but also it offers additional benefits. Here are five facts about cremation that you might not have known.

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missing someone

Your Funeral Planning Checklist

Planning a funeral is difficult. On top of the emotional toll of saying goodbye to a loved one, there are a litany of logistical details to be managed.

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save money

Three Things You Spend Too Much Money On and Affordable Alternatives

Nobody likes spending too much money when they could have gotten something just as good for fewer dollars. Here are three things that people overspend on.

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