How to Approach The Talk: Encouraging Your Loved Ones to Make End of Life Decisions

Sitting down and having a long conversation with a loved one about what they want to happen after they pass on can be emotional but it is a pivotal step.

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cremation memorial

Five Facts You May Not Know About Cremation

Not only is cremation cost-effective, but also it offers additional benefits. Here are five facts about cremation that you might not have known.

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missing someone

Your Funeral Planning Checklist

Planning a funeral is difficult. On top of the emotional toll of saying goodbye to a loved one, there are a litany of logistical details to be managed.

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save money

Three Things You Spend Too Much Money On and Affordable Alternatives

Nobody likes spending too much money when they could have gotten something just as good for fewer dollars. Here are three things that people overspend on.

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Five Tips for Coping with the Loss of a Spouse

The death of a spouse is never easy. When you’ve chosen to build a life together, it is always hard to see it cut short, whether it lasted one year or 50.

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Five Ways to Honor Your Loved One’s Legacy

Once the funeral is over, you should consider a few ways to honor your loved one’s legacy for years to come – that’s how you keep his or her memory alive.

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funeral rituals

Funeral Rituals Throughout History and How They’ve Changed

How did past funeral traditions differ from those of today and how have ancient funeral ceremonies influenced modern ones? Some practices are truly ancient.

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What to Do When You Notice Warning Signs of Dementia

Going through dementia is hard on be hard on both the patient and his or her loved ones, which is why early detection is critical to limiting symptoms.

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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Funeral

Planning green burials is a growing movement that beginning to replace more traditional funeral services as more people seek to lower their carbon footprint.

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funeral flowers

The Benefits of Preplanning Your Funeral

It might seem like a morbid exercise, but planning your funeral in advance is one of the smartest, most considerate things you can do with your family.

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