caregiver advice

Three Tips for Dealing with Caregiver Stress

Being a caregiver is an important job, but you won’t be able to perform it successfully if you don’t learn how to manage the stress that goes with it.

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memorial manners

Memorial Etiquette: What Guests Need to Know

It can be difficult to know exactly what’s expected of you as your prepare to attend the funeral of a friend, loved one, colleague, or peer.

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Senior couple talking about retirement savings

How to Make the Most of Your Retirement

Now that you’ve officially entered life after work, it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor – but make sure you set aside time to make a plan.

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How Can I Plan a Funeral?

Talking to loved ones about funeral arrangements before the time of need will take the anxiety and financial strain out of the planning process.

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hospice care

Top Tips for Comforting Your Loved One in Hospice

If you have a loved one receiving end-of-life care, it can be challenging to provide the comfort and support he needs to feel more at peace.

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This Independence Day, Honor Those Who Served

This Fourth of July, make it a priority to seek out and honor those wise men and women who served our country decades ago along with veterans of modern wars.

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Neptune Society Celebrates the Winter Holidays with Community Service

Neptune Society is giving back to the communities it serves this holiday season through a variety of open houses, charity drives, and other events.

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Cremation Trends: Are the Number of Cremations Increasing?

The number of people choosing cremation for final needs in the United States has risen since the 1980’s, and is not yet slowing down.

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Specialty Urns

Specialty cremation urns are a meaningful way to reflect upon the life, history, and personality of a loved one. Find ideas for specialty urns.

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Delays in the Cremation Process

Handling funeral and cremation arrangements is a stressful process for families. Learn more from Neptune Society about delays in the cremation process.

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