Veteran Cremation Costs: What Military Members and their Families Need to Know

Veteran burial benefits help families of service members cover end-of-life expenses. Find out about veteran cremation costs and benefits.

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Neptune Society - Cremation vs burial

Cremation vs. Burial Comparison Chart

Before making important decisions about a funeral, burial, or cremation, you and your family should know the relative costs for each. In this piece, we break down the pricing and options.

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Cremation Benefits for Veterans: What Military Families Need to Know

Table of Contents Vet Funeral and Burial Benefits: What eligibility requirements are involved? What preplanning can a veteran do regarding cremation or burial? Military Service Members: What funeral and memorial benefits exist? What memorial benefits is an eligible veteran guaranteed? Do spouses, children, and parents of vets have benefits? Non-Service-Connected vs. a Service-Connected Death: What’s

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Neptune Society's list on what to do when a loved one passes away

Checklist: What To Do After A Loved One Passes Away

Grief can be overwhelming when a loved one has just passed away. Read on for a checklist you can follow to make this period of time a little easier.

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Cremation Memorial Service Ideas

Discover what you need to know about memorializing a loved one. From obituaries to flowers, our guide has all the tips.

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Understanding the Cremation Process: A Guide for Families

Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest reasons for stress, especially during a time of grief. Read on for information about the cremation process.

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What Can I Do With Cremation Ashes?

Scattering ashes can be a great way to memorialize your loved one. Find out where and how you can legally scatter a loved one’s ashes.

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considering choosing cremation or burial

Reasons for Cremation or Burial: Practical and Personal Considerations

Creating an end of life plan is an important, personal process. This resource will help you navigate your options regarding cremation and burial.

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cremation ash

What Does Cremation Cost? Save Money By Choosing Cremation

Understanding burial and cremation prices lets you plan ahead. Find out about the costs of end-of-life arrangements and how to make them affordable.

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young man and woman bedside at hospital with terminally-ill father

Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-Ill Loved One: What to Expect, and How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward

Knowing a loved one is sick and will pass away soon is incredibly difficult. Please read on for advice on preparing for the passing of a loved one.

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