Developing Better Relationships with your Elderly Loved Ones

When was the last time you spoke to your elderly loved one? Do you know what’s happening in his or her life?

What can you do to develop a stronger relationship with your grandparents? Holiday visits aren’t going to cut it, especially if that means you only see them once every few months. Here are a few ways you can reconnect with your elderly family members and maintain a consistent presence in their lives.

  1. Don’t be afraid of spontaneous meals 
    There’s a chance your loved one adheres to a weekly routine, which can be pretty monotonous sometimes. Boredom can lead to depression, especially if your elderly loved one doesn’t get out of the house too often.

So call them up out of the blue and ask them if they’d like to get dinner in the next couple of days. Better yet, ask them if you could come over and cook them a meal. Maybe you could even cook together – that’s a great way develop a stronger bond.

  1. Suggest a yoga session 
    If you want to be a regular part of your elderly loved ones’ lives and like to stay active, see if they’d be interested in joining you for a yoga class. The American Senior Fitness Association noted this practice has helped alleviate lower back pain, high blood pressure, joint flexibility issues and other physical problems common among the elderly. This may be a particularly good option for you if your parent or grandparent has remained active over the years.


  1. Help them out around the house
    Home improvements and even regular yard work can take up a better part of the day. Spending a lot of time with your elderly loved one working toward a common goal can certainly bring you closer together. For example, if your grandfather wants to redo his deck, once you finish the project, you’ll both share that mutual feeling of accomplishment.

In addition to these three steps, simply talking to your elderly loved ones on a regular basis will help you develop stronger bonds with them. Ask them questions about their past. You’ll realize your elderly loved ones have some interesting stories about their early years.