Know Your Austin, TX Cremation Options

Direct Cremation in Austin, TX

Direct cremation is the most affordable cremation option. In a direct cremation, the cremation process commences without any funeral or memorial services. Many families who select direct cremation plan a memorial service for a later date – after they’ve sorted through the myriad details and emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one. A direct cremation in Austin helps reduce the financial strain on families who have been struggling with medical costs or other costs associated with the loss of the loved one.

Cremation with a Funeral or Memorial

Families who want to mark the passing of a loved one with a traditional funeral or memorial service can combine these services with cremation. Cremation with a funeral is very similar to the traditional funeral that accompanies burial. In fact, families may choose to have the funeral before the cremation process in order to have a viewing.

If a viewing isn’t essential, families may have an Austin cremation funeral service or memorial after the cremation process is complete. In this scenario, the family displays the urn and a photo of the deceased as the focal point of the memorial. This type of service takes place in a traditional funeral home or at a place that was significant to the deceased such as an Austin community center, a local church, a park, or at an organization’s meeting hall.

When families are evaluating Austin cremation options, they should focus on their needs, as well as the wishes of the deceased loved one. Cremation doesn’t restrict funeral or memorial options, and some cremation options provide financial relief at a time when families may struggle to make ends meet.