Selecting the right Sherman Oaks cremation provider goes beyond cremation costs. Families often become surprised and frustrated when cremation is delayed, resulting in a rescheduled memorial and scattering ceremony or a delay in other important rites of closure and remembrance. Understanding the cremation process and the reasons that cremation is sometimes delayed helps families select the best Sherman Oaks cremation provider for their lost loved one.

One of the most common reasons that a cremation may be delayed is because the cremation provider is unable to contact decision-makers within the family. California law requires written authorization by a designated family member before cremation can occur. A Sherman Oaks cremation provider may also need family members to make additional decisions related to the cremation before the cremation can take place. If the cremation provider is unable to contact decision-makers or if the family can’t agree on how to proceed, cremation is delayed.

Cremation is Postponed by Delays with the Death Certificate

Before cremation can occur, the cremation facility must have a copy of the death certificate from the certifying doctor. When a doctor delays signing or providing this certificate, the cremation cannot take place. Family members should ensure the death certificate is signed in a timely manner so cremation can proceed as scheduled.

Ultimately, selecting the right Sherman Oaks cremation provider goes beyond the basics of cremation cost. The cremation process goes more smoothly when families work with professional, compassionate, caring providers who answer questions about the process and ensure things move forward in a timely manner.

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