Prepay for cremation without fear of losing your investment. Neptune Society offers portable prepaid cremation plans. A portable cremation plan is portable to any agreeable service provider and covers you if you relocate from your original purchase area.

When considering a prepaid cremation plan, ask:

  1. Will I get a full refund if I later choose another cremation provider?
  2. Is there any place in the United States my prepaid plan does not cover?

For more information on Neptune Society’s portable cremation plans, please complete the form on the right.

Video Transcript

Years, even decades may pass between prearrangements and the actual need for services, so we cannot always be sure where we’ll be living or who (or what) to deal with when the time comes. That’s why we strongly advise people to select a prepaid plan that is portable and transferable to any agreeable service provider should you elect to change plans at a later date.

Before deciding on a service provider, be sure to pose these two questions, and be sure they answer them clearly for you. Ask “If I decide later to have another service provider carry out my plans, will I be entitled to a full refund?” and “Is there any place in the United States where my plans will not be fully honored?”

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