Neptune Memorial Reef Tribute Coin Voyage

Families interested in paying tribute to loved ones at the prolific Neptune Memorial Reef are invited on attend one of three scheduled Tribute Coin Voyages this June. Although space is limited and reservations must be made in advance, the voyages are also open to anyone interested in future interment at the Reef.

Four boating trips have been scheduled to the Neptune Memorial Reef for the inaugural Tribute Coin Voyages. Guests considering internment in the Reef and family members of those who have already become part of the Reef are invited to come out to the Reef for diving, refreshments, and a moment with those who are no longer with us. Meet with the Neptune Memorial Reef staff at the Tarpoon Lagoon dive shop in the Miami Beach Marina at 300 Alton Road on any Tuesday in June.

Guests will be aboard the 46’ Newton “Big-Com-Ocean” dive boat which has room for approximately 40 guests and the Neptune Memorial Reef staff. Non-alcoholic beverages, appetizers, and water will be available on board, but guests are permitted to bring their own food or drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) as well.

The Neptune Memorial Reef is located approximately 3.25 miles off Key Biscayne and is home for a variety of marine life. Amid the various memorials that make up the reef are over 6,000 species of fish, coral, and other organisms, making Neptune Memorial Reef one of the more prolific reefs in the Atlantic. One of its most famous residents is Crush the sea turtle who spreads his time between the Memorial Reef and other nearby reefs. Another one of the most unique residents is a species of long spine sea urchin that was thought to be extinct in the Caribbean but was found several years ago at the Neptune Memorial Reef.
Additionally, two roughtail stingrays, Desi and Lucy, have lived just outside the gates for over 7 years and feel comfortable with the many divers at the reef.

Once it is completed, the Neptune Memorial Reef will also be the largest artificial reef in the world. Families may choose to become a part of the growing Reef by allowing cremated ashes to be mixed with concrete and molded into various shapes and structures including starfish, columns, arches, and the brand-new sea turtle mold. Memorial plaques are placed on each structure and maintained so family members may dive the Reef to visit their loved one.

The first voyage on Tuesday, June 7 meets at 2pm and departs at 3pm for a 3 hour adventure in the sun and water. Guests are encouraged to swim, snorkel, or just relax on the boat over the Neptune Memorial Reef.

The second voyage on Tuesday, June 14 meets at 5:30pm and departs at 6:30pm for a 3 hour sunset cruise. There will be a champagne toast at sundown, and guests are again encouraged to swim and snorkel over the Reef.

For a shorter voyage, there is a voyage available on Tuesday, June 21 that meets at 2:30pm and departs at 3pm. The boat will stay moored over the Reef for only 20 minutes, enough time for families to release Tribute Coins and pay their respects, but not enough time for swimming and diving. The boat will return by 4pm.

The final voyage on Tuesday, June 28 is reserved in case any of the other voyages are cancelled due to weather or are overbooked. The timeline and events of this voyage will be the same as whatever voyage it is replacing.

To go on one of the voyages, guests are required to reserve a spot in advance by calling the Neptune Memorial Reef at (954) 630-3279, space is limited. If you are considering internment at the Reef for yourself or a loved one, please contact the Neptune Memorial Reef. Cremation is required in order to become part of the Reef. Neptune Society, America’s Trusted Cremation Provider has been providing cremation services since 1973, and we would be honored to help you and your family carry out a wish for cremation.