Neptune Society Reaches 500,000 Families Served

Neptune Society refocuses on service to provide families across the nation with affordable cremation services from a trusted provider. By utilizing new technologies and embracing the classic ideal that every family deserves quality care and attention throughout the cremation process, Neptune Society is better able to service families of all kinds.

Neptune Society: Plan Now from Neptune Society on Vimeo.

As America’s Most Trusted Cremation Services, Neptune Society has been proudly offering affordable cremation services for since 1973. Over half a million families have chosen to have their cremation plans carried out by Neptune Society, and over 150,000 people have attended Neptune Society’s seminars to learn more on how to preplan a cremation. Neptune Society continues to innovate through offering specialized services including online payment systems and travel and relocation services.

“We are always striving to create new ways to help families through our service,” said Neptune Society CEO Tim Nicholson.

One of Neptune Society’s new initiatives is to offer ecommerce options to pay for cremation services. Families now have the option to create their cremation plans online in Indiana, Colorado, Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri. The entire purchase process is available online for the convenience of families who may not feel comfortable with expressing their wishes out loud. As the technology powering the funeral industry continues to grow and change, Neptune Society strives to ensure families can benefit from these advances.

For families on the move, Neptune Society continues to offer optional travel and relocation services that protect a cremation plan across the nation. If a loved one passed away with this optional service, Neptune Society will care for them no matter where in the country that person passes away. This allows Neptune Society members to move and travel without fear of jeopardizing their cremation plan.

According to the Cremation Association of North America, the national cremation rate in 2014 was at an all-time high of 46.7%, and it’s only a small part of the national trend of embracing cremation. In a few years, cremation is projected to be more popular than traditional burial, making cremation the preferred end-of-life care option for Americans. Neptune Society is proud to serve families of all beliefs and backgrounds who wish to memorialize themselves or their loved ones in this way.