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Recent Testimonials from North Carolina Families Served

My brother and I had a hard decision and are... Read More

My brother and I had a hard decision and are happy we chose Neptune Society for cremation services. Elijah made the process easier and he did a fabulous job of taking care of my family.

Lyndsey A.
Charlotte, NC

Having been caught off guard with the passing of my... Read More

Having been caught off guard with the passing of my husband, I was not prepared for all the matters in dealing with the passing of a loved one. I immediately networked through friends regarding cremation and knowledge of reputable companies. After talking with Elijah in Charlotte I felt I had a friend who would walk this journey with and for me. He was well-versed in the necessary tasks needed personally and professionally. He helped itemize all the steps needed to move forward. I can’t thank him enough for being there for me and my grown children. Comforting. Less stress. Expedient. Caring.

Elaine R.
Charlotte, NC

When my wife passed suddenly the grief was overwhelming. One... Read More

When my wife passed suddenly the grief was overwhelming. One phone call to the Neptune Society and when in 30 minutes I was speaking with the funeral director. He managed to make an onerous task bearable. His demeanor and warmth made me feel my wife would be respected and cared for. Elijah treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. I cannot speak highly enough of him and the Neptune Society. When my in-laws passed in 2000 the Neptune Society was there for them as well. I am so grateful we had the foresight to choose Neptune for our final care needs. Much Thanks and Gratitude to Mr. Elijah Walker.

Annie W.
Charlotte, NC

It is not a service you ever want to use,... Read More

It is not a service you ever want to use, but life happens. I am very glad we bought our pre-need package several years ago. When my husband passed a few weeks ago the service from Neptune Society in general and Elijah Walker specifically exceeded my expectation. I was treated with kindness and respect and continually keep up to date on the status of my husbands’ cremation. I would and have recommended the Neptune Society to many friends.



Corliss S.
Charlotte, NC

My recommendation is for a man with whom I dealt... Read More

My recommendation is for a man with whom I dealt at the Neptune Society in Charlotte, NC, Mr. Elijah H. Walker. He could not have been more helpful or compassionate. He is a treasure. Thank you again, sir.

Julie H.
Charlotte, NC

Elijah helped me so much through this process and made... Read More

Elijah helped me so much through this process and made all the arrangements. Great customer care!

Kevin B.
Charlotte, NC

This December we lost both my parents on the same... Read More

This December we lost both my parents on the same day. While the passing was not easy, the people at Neptune were INCREDIBLE!

First, I am so thankful to my parents that they had the foresight to set up accounts. What a blessing.

Secondly, the men that came to remove the bodies were so compassionate and professional. My parents were honored in this process.

Finally, Elijah Walker…words do not properly describe his compassion, care, promptness, and assistance. He was a true professional in all aspects.

Thank you, Elijah and Neptune.

Timothy C.
Charlotte, NC

Excellent Service from the time we purchased the plan up... Read More

Excellent Service from the time we purchased the plan up to the delivery of remains. Can’t thank the staff at Neptune Cremation for all their help, especially with the organ donation that was requested. If you want a reasonable price and top-notch service I highly recommend the Neptune Society of Charlotte

John B.
Charlotte, NC

I don’t want to burden my family with the responsibility... Read More

I don’t want to burden my family with the responsibility of having to make important decisions at a sensitive time. My mother, my sister, and brother-in-law all had their cremation set up with Neptune Society and mother and my sister’s husband passed, it was all taken care of by Neptune. I would highly recommend Neptune Society.

Mary C.
Matthews, NC

During the most difficult time of someone's life, Neptune Society... Read More

During the most difficult time of someone’s life, Neptune Society made things so easy. Their professionalism was outstanding and they did the best to make you feel comfortable. In addition, all the major tasks you worry about they handled. What a relief for our family during a stressful time. Since my father’s passing, I have purchased services for myself and my sister to hopefully make it easy on whoever takes care of my affairs.

Stan J.
Concord, NC

I, like many of my age peers have been putting... Read More

I, like many of my age peers have been putting off making our own final arrangements thinking there is plenty of time. Guess what? You don’t!! I was fortunate enough to have received a flyer in the mail for a FREE lunch and presentation from the Neptune Society. At first, I went for the FREE lunch, but then I figured, this would be a good time to take a look and see what I should have set up years ago, so my children wouldn’t have to make my arrangements. I am glad I went, I met Brad **, a very pleasant guy and he put on a thorough presentation about Cremation. To my surprise, I paid way too much for my wife’s arrangements, just about a year ago.

I met again with Brad afterwards and did all the paperwork and in about a half hour I was all set. I received all what I was expecting and more. I gave all this to my son and now I feel much better knowing that this will not be burden on my children when I pass. I would HIGHLY recommend going to one of these meetings and you will feel better. After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen?? You get to find out what it is all about and you get a FREE lunch. This might sound like a commercial, but I really am satisfied.

Edward Steven Lahaye
Charlotte, NC

Our cremation kits came yesterday and they are indeed beautiful.... Read More

Our cremation kits came yesterday and they are indeed beautiful. Thank you again for all your help. Your professionalism and patience with us is very appreciated. We hope the folks that you work know how valuable you are to the organization.

Charlotte, NC

Places to Scatter Ashes in North Carolina


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

On the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, this lush forest is filled with an abundance of year-round wildflowers. The park includes streams, rivers, waterfalls, and hiking trails that connect to part of the Appalachian Trail. The observation tower at Clingmans Dome offers scenic views of mist-covered mountains. This is an incredibly unique and memorable place to scatter the ashes of a nature lover, just be sure to contact the park officials before you arrive.

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Burials-Neptune Society

Burial at Sea North Carolina Memorial Services

This service is available all along the coast of North Carolina in Moore Head City, Topsail, Cape Hatteras, Nags Head, Emerald Else, and Atlantic Beach. You can choose the craft, time and place of the ceremony, and invite as many guests as you desire. Sea Services is happy to work closely with you to create the most special memorial possible.

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North Carolina Botanical Garden

The Conservation Garden is a beautiful plot operated by the University of North Carolina.

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Additional Notes on Scattering Cremated Remains in North Carolina

North Carolina law allows you to scatter ashes over uninhabited public land with permission/a permit, over a public waterway or sea, or on private property of a consenting owner. If scattering at sea you must be at least 3 nautical miles from land, notify the EPA within 30 days of scattering, and avoid beaches and wading pools. You must obtain a permit to scatter on federal land. You can also scatter the ashes, but NOT the container, from the air as the government doesn’t consider cremains to be hazardous material. If the container isn’t biodegradable you must remove the ashes from the container before scattering.

North Carolina Cremation FAQs

What veterans benefits are available in North Carolina?

The VA benefits provided (at no cost to the family) include a grave site; opening and closing of the grave; perpetual grave site care; a government headstone or market; and United States burial flag that can be draped over the casket or accompany the urn (and is given to the next of kin after the service); an engraved presidential memorial certificate signed by the current sitting President, expressing the country’s grateful recognition of their service.

What is the average cost of cremation in North Carolina?

According to US Funerals, a cremation and memorial service costs around $4,000 and a direct cremation averages at $1,065.

North Carolina cremation rate is over 49%, according to 2020 CANA Annual Report.

How many funeral homes are there in North Carolina?

There are 710 funeral homes in 266 cities of North Carolina.

North Carolina State Facts

State Nickname: Old North State and Tar Heel State

State Motto: To be, rather than to seem

Population: 9.944 million

State bird: Cardinal

State tree: Southern Pine

State flower: Dogwood

Bonus fact 1: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is the oldest state university in the country.

Bonus fact 2: The very first English colony in America was established on Roanoke Island, but the colony vanished without a trace except for “Croatoan” carved into a tree.

Bonus fact 3: North Carolina leads the nation in furniture, tobacco, and textile production.

Bonus fact 4: Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, was born on Roanoke Island.

Bonus fact 5: Milk is North Carolina’s official state beverage.

*State population based on estimates provided by the 2014 U.S. Census.
*Cremation rate provided by the most recent study by CANA in 2018.