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Recent Testimonials from Oregon Families Served

Neptune crematory did a great job for helping our family... Read More

Neptune crematory did a great job for helping our family when our mother passed away in June 2016. Made the whole situation so much easier and we’re very kind professional and understanding.

Linda Klein
Portland, OR

I have found their representatives to be courteous and well-informed,... Read More

I have found their representatives to be courteous and well-informed, helpful in choosing the right option.

Paul M.
Portland, OR

Places to Scatter Ashes in Oregon

Crater Lake National Park

Crater lake deepest lake in the United States, formed when the ancient volcano Mount Mazama collapsed during a an eruption over 7,000 years ago. The dormant volcano is a serene site to remember a loved one and reflect on the natural beauty and drama of the natural world. Park regulations request that scattering be done away from developed areas, buildings and waterways – meaning that scattering directly into the lake is not an option. However, elsewhere in the park may be a quieter, more private place for you to memorialize a loved one. Contact Crater Lake National Park for more information on legally scattering.

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Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Creating the border between Oregon and Washington is a beautiful series of waterfalls and gorges carved by the Columbia River and other rivers. Scattering a loved one here amongst the greenery and the water may therapeutic for families and a peaceful way to say goodbye.

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Places to Hold Memorial Services in Oregon

The Oregon Garden

Located east of Salem, these beautiful gardens border a resort often used for weddings, but the well-manicured gardens can also host a celebration of life ceremony or memorial service. The venue accommodates large and small groups and all sorts of modern amenities, including free Wifi, to provide as many ways to memorialize a loved one as possible. For more information about hosting memorial services here, please either email or call The Oregon Garden.

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Deepwood Museum and Gardens

Also located in Salem, this historic home and garden exude a late Victorian-era elegance that can help memorialize a lover of architecture or local history. Three of Oregon’s most prominent families called this house their home, and now it is open to the public as a museum. It’s possible to rent just the house, the garden, or both. To host memorial services here, contact Deepwood Museum & Gardens today.

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Oregon Cremation FAQs

What happens in you can't pay for funeral services in Oregon?

When someone passes away in Oregon without next of kin or someone who is willing and able to pay for funeral expenses, the state contacts a funeral home to cremate the body. The funeral home is then given a maximum reimbursement of $650 to cover the cost of the cremation services. The indigent burial fund in Oregon is managed under the Oregon Public Health Division and is funded by death certificate fees.

Oregon State Facts

State Nickname: The Beaver State

State Motto: Alis volat propriis (Latin for “She flies with her own wings”)

Population: 3,970,000

State Cremation Rate: 73.9%

State bird: Western meadowlark

State flower: Oregon grape

State tree: Douglas fir

State animal: American beaver

Bonus fact 1: Oregon’s state flag is the only flag in the U.S. to have a different design on the front and back.

Bonus fact 2: Oregon is home to the largest single living organism in the world: a fungus that stretches underground for over 3 square miles.

*State population based on estimates provided by the 2014 U.S. Census.
*Cremation rate provided by the most recent study by CANA in 2014.