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First time using Neptune. Was great to deal with they... Read More

First time using Neptune. Was great to deal with they handled everything and gave us peace of mind. Very helpful and I would definitely use them again. Thank you very much.

Robin E.
Cleveland / Parma, OH

My dad always likes to plan & be organized. Preparing... Read More

My dad always likes to plan & be organized. Preparing for his & my moms passing was no exception. He was in hospice during his last days, and although we were prepared, it was still a difficult situation.

I called Neptune after he passed & can’t say enough about how supportive & kind they were during this time; something you really need during such an emotional time. They came to my parents home, where dad passed, and were kind enough to pull into their garage. This gave us the privacy that we needed from understandably curious neighbors. They also gave us each time to say goodbye. We didn’t feel rushed, and while we knew the next steps, they took the time to re-explain things in a calm & gentle tone.

Although my mom is still with us, I know when the time comes, they will be there when we need them. I appreciated their support & guidance and highly recommend them.

Fran P.
Arvada, CO

I worked with Danielle Davis following the passing of my... Read More

I worked with Danielle Davis following the passing of my husband. My world had come crashing down and I was feeling with all the details more than a little overwhelmed. Danielle was so warm, sincere and helpful. She helped me through each step and encouraged me to do what I was comfortable with; not necessarily what others thought I should do. She even helped me to smile, realizing that even that was ok. She may never know how much those moments meant to me. Thank you, again, Danielle for helping me find the first steps toward healing.

Kathleen D.
Cleveland / Parma, OH

Neptune's handling of the loss of my Father simple, I... Read More

Neptune’s handling of the loss of my Father simple, I myself plan on using Neptune for my end of life affairs. Thx, to all involved

Peter F.
Orlando, FL

My mother in law already had her cremation paid for... Read More

My mother in law already had her cremation paid for at Neptune Society and thank god she did! We had no idea what to do and they literally guided us through every step of the way. I made a phone call and they handled the rest. When I went to pick up the remains I expected to be bombarded with a pushy salesperson trying to upsell. Not at all!! They answered my questions and I did let them know I was interested in finding out information for myself but not right now. After about a month or 2 I got a phone call soliciting their services, I advised them I’m still not ready to discuss at this time. The gentleman from Neptune society was very kind and understanding when I told him when I’m ready I will reach out to them. They have not called since. Overall it was a great experience and I like when you go into the office they are upbeat and happy. It was not depressing like a funeral home they are very friendly and helpful.

Louie F.
Salt Lake City, UT

From the knowledgeable and informative representative who came to my... Read More

From the knowledgeable and informative representative who came to my house to the helpful and thoughtful Christopher Rhodes who helped me at the end, Neptune was right there to provide information and instructions on what to do in a time of need. Highly recommend their product and services.

Pompano, FL

Neptune Society was quick to respond. I called them one... Read More

Neptune Society was quick to respond. I called them one day just to find out where they were located, and then I had to make an emergency phone call the next day saying that I needed their services because my husband passed away that day. They told me to come right up and that they would take care of me. So, I did. They explained everything to me, they were more than considerate, and it was just a wonderful experience.

We did check on a few of other companies before we made the decision to go to Neptune Society, and I didn’t like the feeling when I walked in. But with Neptune Society, as soon as my son and I walked in the door, we made the right decision. When we met with Jason, the manager at Neptune, and told him what we wanted, there was no pushing about trying to get us to add things to what we were looking for. We got the death certificate complimentary and they also included a beautiful red mahogany box. I would highly recommend them.

Judy H.
Cape Coral, FL

I don't understand how anyone could rate Neptune under a... Read More

I don’t understand how anyone could rate Neptune under a 5 star.  They have been stellar in taking care of my moms prearranged service.  It has been the easiest transition to handling my mom’s death.  Mom bought the cremation package over 8 years ago and I still thank her every day for making it easier on us.

I am also going to purchase the service for myself to help my kids through those tough times.

There was no hidden charges or hassles.  Upon my mother’s death, it was one phone call and they came and took good care of her.

Love this service and thank you, Neptune!!!

Rick E.
Sidney, MT

My mom made her plans with Neptune Society in 2006... Read More

My mom made her plans with Neptune Society in 2006 and passed away in 2019.  They made the experience easy for our family and treated mom with dignity and respect and the family with compassion and kindness.  I cannot say enough about the Las Vegas Del Webb Blvd. office.  Everyone was so nice.  Tisha is a Godsend. Thank you from the Leona Neelon family.

Kathy W.
San Francisco, CA

I am writing to give a testimonial to my experiences... Read More

I am writing to give a testimonial to my experiences with the Neptune Society of Hilliard, Ohio, which deals with cremation and other services after the passing of a loved one.   My mother passed away in the wee hours of Dec. 20th, in Ashland, Ohio.  Two men from the crematorium were contacted and immediately drove the 90-minute drive to retrieve her body for cremation.  They were professional, careful and very thorough that her body was handled with dignity and respect.
A couple of days later I called to find out when I could retrieve her ashes but came to find out that the hospice doctor would not return phone calls to please sign the death certificate.  By law, my mom could not be cremated until he signed off.   It was over Christmas week, so of course, everyone was on vacation, but one employee, Danielle Davis, went out of her way to continue to try and contact the doctor, even though he was not responding in any way.   Her supervisor Holly also went to bat for me, and between the two of them, they finally got the necessary signature, and mom was successfully cremated.  This was a very emotional time for me, so having Danielle in my corner (eventually Holly too) through the whole ordeal was just way above and beyond usual service, in my mind, especially during the holiday break.   If that weren’t enough, Danielle even hand delivered my mom’s ashes to me up in Ashland, so they would be sure to be here for her service.   I was so impressed with the Neptune Society’s dedication to customer satisfaction and service, especially Danielle Davis.  God Bless them all!
Amy P.
Ashland, OH

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