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Our experience in dealing with Cindy Lewis Simpson and her... Read More

Our experience in dealing with Cindy Lewis Simpson and her assistant was outstanding. Their professional manner, their sensitivity and their seamless effort in dealing with our special circumstance were very much appreciated.

Colleen H.
Fort Worth, TX

My wife Nancy passed away November 22, 2017, the night... Read More

My wife Nancy passed away November 22, 2017, the night before Thanksgiving. We had signed up with the Neptune Society in 2009. I just can’t say enough good about how well I was treated by the Nashville office, specifically Gregory Crouse. The cremation occurred in time for the interment service at our church, and Greg was completely compassionate about my needs. I felt that the remembrances (lockets for daughter and granddaughter) were beautiful and priced appropriately. A wonderful experience all around, and it made the death of my wife a little easier to handle.

Lloyd C.
Nashville, TN

My family's experience with the Neptune Society simply could not... Read More

My family’s experience with the Neptune Society simply could not have been better.  There were some logistical difficulties in our case, and our location manager Jim Rea went out of his way to help us.  Truly above and beyond.  Plus, all of our dealings with Jim and the other Neptune personnel embodied tremendous compassion and kindness, along with being efficient in the extreme.  We are very grateful for all of this and feel lucky to have chosen Neptune for help in our trying times.

Carl G.
Los Angeles, CA

My aunt said she was going to live to 100... Read More

My aunt said she was going to live to 100 but she didn’t quite make it. After her passing, I was the one that had the opportunity to clean out her apartment and settle some things. Neptune Society took care of the cremation and they’ve got a terrible location. They’re just off of the highway and if you exit where you think they are, you’ve already passed them. You got to do a little loop-the-loop to get back there.

They’re extremely nice, though. Being an old codger, it’s nice to be around attractive young women that listen to you and laugh at your jokes. Their receptionist was also very nice to me. They made sure that I had the number of death certificates that I was told was needed. All I had to do was show up and hand them my credit card. The lady talked me into a small urn, too. It’s metal, about two inches tall and about an inch across that you put some of the ashes in. My aunt had a small one in her closet of my uncle’s ashes and I got a small one for my her ashes. The two urns are sitting side by side and Neptune took care of that for me.

My wife and I both have purchased the whole bucket for ourselves. We made a request and a lady came to our house and set up everything. Funerals can be extremely expensive and the thing that I like about Neptune Society was that once it’s paid for, I don’t have to pay for anything else. Everything is pretty much-taken care of. No matter which one of us goes first, everything is taken care of. If you’re in China and you die, they take care of you from that point where you are and get you back. The one thing I hope they have is a minister to reify the services because we’re going to have services. My neighbor did at the cemetery but my aunt made no provisions for that. I would definitely recommend Neptune Society because I’ve seen how much trouble just a normal funeral can be.

Lloyd M.
Arlington, TX

Four years ago, I heard about Neptune Society from a... Read More

Four years ago, I heard about Neptune Society from a friend. They have such a good reputation and I was very impressed with the lady who came out and talked to us about it. We paid $2500 and I know that there are places that are less and places that are more, but there was something about Neptune Society. My husband and I had a big thing off of both of our minds at that time and they’re very good. It seemed like everything would be taken care of, and it was. They did everything they said they would do.

My husband passed on October the 3rd of this year and luckily, we had home hospice, so I was by his side every moment even when he passed. I had to call home hospice and they called Neptune Society because things were already set up. They called me about how much he weighed and I said he lost a lot of weight. Then they sent out a large girl and a small girl who came dressed to the nines in their black and white. They handed me a rose, hugged me and said they’re sorry. I felt like I was their only client in the world. Then we walked in and saw my husband.

They gave me all the time I needed with him. I held him, kissed him and loved him for a while and then, it was time for them to put him out. I asked if I could walk with them and they let me. I’m not sure they’re supposed to do that but it meant the world. I also got to wave goodbye as they put him in. It’s a horrible experience, but it couldn’t have been better. The ashes were spread and I wear around my neck the thing he had on his toe that was left because they had the ashes wrapped in this oval thing that was burned and I adore and wear it. Two or three people think it’s gross, but everyone else thinks it’s magnificent. I love it. Neptune Society was glorious, peaceful and kind. They’re the best and I’d love to work for them part-time.

Carole G.
San Antonio, TX

I have used Neptune Society twice in the past. Back... Read More

I have used Neptune Society twice in the past. Back in 2011, my father passed away and I didn’t know what to do. Neptune Society had a fire sale so I got a hold of them, made arrangements for him and it worked out well. The Neptune team gave the information I needed and they were pretty patient. I’m not the best with figures, so the local rep, Glen, spent a lot of time helping me understand this math. He even went a step further and got my husband’s military separation record for us since we also bought a policy for ourselves. Since I knew what I wanted, I went with a basic package. I brought in a couple of friends that signed up as well such as my girlfriend and her husband.

It was bizarre that Neptune sent the cremation urns when we purchased those packages. It’s off-putting and really nothing that we’re interested in storing it for 20 years. We would have preferred to buy our packages, get our little wallet-size cards with the policy numbers – which I’m waiting for delivery – and when we need to use them, we can specify which urn we wanted. When I bought my mom’s policy back in 2013, they sent that urn in advance, too, and that freaked me out. I bought it from the Reno office because my mom was down in Reno. I got a hold of the manager down there and sent it back to him. He was nice enough to keep it. Then my mom moved up here to Washington and I used her policy last month. I advised Neptune of that and Glen was great because he got hold of the Reno office and did whatever he needed. They provided an urn which was fine. Other than getting the urns in advance, my experience with Neptune was great.

Chris W.
Seattle, WA

My sister found Neptune Society after my dad passed away.... Read More

My sister found Neptune Society after my dad passed away. Since my dad was a veteran, we wanted to be sure it was someone that handles veteran stuff. Their rep, Mark, secured everything for the cremation. He was very kind, very understanding, very professional and very compassionate. They took care of everything for us and it was done very beautifully. It’s a big thing when you have to go through that but with Neptune Society, it was a comforting experience. They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them.

Lisa F.
Atlanta, GA

My wife recently passed away and we had arrangements planned... Read More

My wife recently passed away and we had arrangements planned through the Neptune Society and I have to say it was the best thing we could have done. Everything was handled with the utmost consideration in a timely manner with total respect and when my time comes I am confident it will be the same Harvey Strate

Harvey S.
Detroit / Southfield, MI

My husband passed away on November 4th at The Veterans... Read More

My husband passed away on November 4th at The Veterans Home in Lafayette. We planned ahead a few years ago on what we wanted and decided on cremation and started the pre-paid cremation plan for both of us. It was such a relief to have it in place when his death occurred. One phone call and everything was taken care of, no second guessing if this was the right thing to do since we already discussed it before his health deteriorated. Jason Costin at the Indianapolis location was wonderful at keeping in touch with me every step of the way. He explained the paperwork I needed to complete and how long the process of cremation, ashes and death certificate would take. With all the other stresses at this time, I was so grateful we pre-planned and I now have peace of mind knowing my children will not have to worry about it when it’s my time.

Lynn W.
Indianapolis, IN

I had this mistaken impression that when you cremate a... Read More

I had this mistaken impression that when you cremate a loved one, the process might be impersonal, but I was wrong. My counselor at the Ft. Myers Neptune office was patient, compassionate and only had my best interests in mind when speaking to me. He took care of all the details a formal funeral home would have and above all, was kind and compassionate to me. I thank Mr. Sparks very much.

Mary W.
Ft. Myers, FL

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