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Losing a loved one is difficult. Remove a great burden by making arrangments ahead of time thus giving friends and family members space and time to grieve.

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Cremation Service in Tacoma, WA

Cremation Services Tacoma WA

Tacoma WA Cremation Planning. Funeral planning is a responsible step in preparing for final needs. The experienced and professional staff at Neptune Society Tacoma is available to answer your questions about Tacoma cremation and help you develop a dignified cremation plan. A Tacoma direct cremation is a popular alternative to a traditional funeral and burial, and is offered at a far lower cost. Our compassionate staff will help you identify your wishes and outline them in a cremation plan to guide your loved ones. When looking for a discount cremation, Tacoma area residents find our prices competitive.

Prepaid Cremation Tacoma

Affordable Prepaid Cremation Tacoma. Once you and the Neptune Society Tacoma staff have finalized your cremation plan, consider pre-payment. Prepaid cremation allows you a cost savings by locking in today's price for a future need. Prepaid cremation is a gift to your loved ones who will be able to focus on the memorial without worry of difficult decisions and payment.

The Neptune Society Tacoma is a proud and active member of the Tacoma community. We are dedicated to providing a professional service worthy of your trust. The Neptune Society Tacoma looks forward to assisting you with cremation planning and a prepaid cremation service. Tacoma trusts Neptune Society.

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If you don't have a pre-arranged plan for your passing, the myriad of details that need attention can be overwhelming. Our experienced and caring professionals help you through this difficult grieving period and answer any questions you have about what to do.


Please complete the form to the right if you have had a death in the family. We will be in touch to plan for cremation.


Gather information. Neptune Society, doctors, state agencies and other officials will need the following information to allow us to proceed:

  • Birth date and birthplace
  • Social Security number
  • Father's name and state of birth
  • Mother's maiden name and state of birth
  • Form DD-214, (if deceased was a veteran) and a copy of the driver's license
  • While we work on your behalf, we invite you to learn more about us and our services. We also encourage you learn about our step-by-step process, which allows you to spend more time with family and friends during this difficult time.

Neptune Society can help plan a veteran's cremation

Our dedicated family service representatives are trained to answer your questions about a veteran's cremation. We can help you navigate your benefits eligibility and planning. Contact us to learn more.

Ask our Family Services Representatives for more information on Veterans cremation benefits.

Veterans may be eligible for the following benefits through the Veterans Administration:

  • $300 reimbursement towards your cremation service
  • Free headstones or markers in granite, marble or bronze
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates

For more from the Veterans Administration, we recommend the following resources:

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How to Talk to Loved Ones about Choosing a Tacoma Cremation

November 1, 2013

Choosing a Tacoma cremation is only the first step in the end-of-life planning process. Ideally, you’ll pre-plan your Tacoma cremation and choose the services you want. When you pre-pay with Neptune Society, you lock in today’s low rates. 

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