Important Facts About Gold Teeth Removal and Cremation

Should gold teeth be removed or not? Why?

Prior to cremation, the mortuary staff have to prepare the decedent’s body. This entails determining which items may be removed from the person, according to the family’s request. It could be anything from a prosthetic limb, pacemaker, jewelry, or even gold teeth. Whether gold teeth should be removed or not is the decision of the family or relatives. The latter may believe that gold teeth is valuable and should be kept with the ashes. On the other hand, they may also believe that gold teeth kept intact during the process of cremation is in accordance with their loved one’s personal choice.

The gold in the teeth is a type of dental restoration material that could contain pure gold itself, gold alloys, or gold-platina alloy. Although in some countries, gold teeth are a status symbol, in the United States, using gold for making crowns, bridges, dentures, and other types of dental filling is quite rare. Dental practitioners have highly specialized training for this procedure and the material itself is expensive.

The family may choose to have the gold teeth removed and placed in the urn along with the ashes.

The Neptune Society is a leading provider of cremation services in the country. Your loved one will be given utmost care from the beginning of the cremation process until the end. The professional staff are well-trained and they understand the concerns of families and relatives in regards to this delicate procedure. If you’re concerned about jewelry and/or gold teeth, please inform the Neptune Society staff prior to cremation so that certain arrangements with a dental practitioner can be made.

Will the gold teeth be returned to the family?

Upon request, gold teeth may be removed and returned to the family or simply be put into the urn along with the loved one’s ashes. The same goes for any jewelry that has been taken off.

Unlike a traditional funeral or burial, cremation is an option that requires unique decisions concerning a deceased family member. Therefore it is important to either pre-plan or discuss when a death has occurred on what to do with belongings and items of importance, such as gold teeth or jewelry. Remember that anything included in the crematory chamber will be destroyed. After the ashes are given to the family, anything else remaining will be disposed of without the possibility of being recovered, according to the applicable laws. If in doubt, the Neptune Society will answer all your questions regarding the process of cremation and will advise you on your concerns. Simply contact us by filling out this form or call (800) 637-8863. If you’d like assistance prearranging your final wishes, please click here to contact us.

Special thanks to Laura Anderson, location manager of Neptune Society Minneapolis for her support and contributions to this post.

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