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The Neptune Society Cremation Answer Guide

This guide answers the most frequently asked questions in great depth and helps you get a head start on the cremation planning process. Whether you are preplanning for yourself or you are fulfilling the wishes of a loved one who recently passed away, this guide can help you decide how to create the best plan to reflect the unique life memorialized.

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The Conversation Checklist

Not sure how to talk about funeral or cremation planning with a friend or family member? This is the comprehensive guide to talking about end-of-life arrangements with your loved ones. Learn how to start the conversation, create cremation plans with your loved ones, and keep the conversation open to new ideas.

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The Veteran’s Guide

Learn ten important facts about the cremation and burial benefits you may be eligible for through the VA. Neptune Society helps families apply for all veteran benefits they may be eligible for, but knowing what those benefits are can help you plan a memorial that honors the service and sacrifices made for this country.

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A Complete Guide for When A Loved One Passes

Choosing final arrangments after losing a loved one is incredibly difficult. It’s important to reach out for assistance from family members, friends, and professionals. Download our free guide today for information on what to do when a loved one passes away.

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