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Recent Testimonials from California Families Served

I want to tell the world about my experience of... Read More

I want to tell the world about my experience of signing up with Neptune. It was fast and easy to sign the papers. I was explained every thing about the procedure and the price and I really liked the idea. So I say thank you Neptune for the opportunity and I will recommend you to others.

Ofer Saly
Sherman Oaks, CA

I wanted to say thank you, and pass on what... Read More

I wanted to say thank you, and pass on what my mother said about the staff as I unfortunately wasn’t there. She said that they cleaned and dressed my dad, draped him in an American flag, as he was a proud veteran, when they took him out of the house She said they were so kind and so helpful. They took care of everything. Comforting to me that she was not alone and didn’t have to do anything but make a phone call while grieving for her husband. Thank you.

Kimberly Hannan
Long Beach / San Pedro, CA

My father had made prearrangements with The Neptune Society. He... Read More

My father had made prearrangements with The Neptune Society. He recently passed away in March. Even though I live 1600 miles away, the staff here handled all the arrangements with precision and dignity. They were always available to speak with me if I had any questions or concerns. When I arrived to collect the remains, I received the same excellent service. They truly care about you and your loved one.

Melinda McClure
West Covina, CA

My father had a prearranged plan with The Neptune Society... Read More

My father had a prearranged plan with The Neptune Society and when he recently passed, they took care of everything from start to finish. I spoke with a representative just prior to his passing and was informed of what needed to be done to prepare. The counselor that worked with me was professional, courteous and dignified at all times. I was treated with respect and all my questions and concerns were addressed with care and compassion. When I arrived to collect the remains, I continued to be treated with the same excellent customer service as I was when speaking with them on the phone. It was a pleasure doing business with the staff at this office. Thank you!

Melinda M.
West Covina, CA

I have to say that Nicholas and Daisy were exceptional... Read More

I have to say that Nicholas and Daisy were exceptional in handling our situation, and in handling me in particular. I was upset and not in the best frame of mind, as I’m sure many others also find themselves in after losing a loved one. To make a long story short, both Nicholas and Daisy were absolutely wonderful in taking care of me and helping me through this difficult process. I had requested to witness the whole cremation, and they were both exceptional in helping me through this very difficult, emotional time. Nicholas came down and met me there in person, and both were very caring, warm, and sensitive, just the right personalities to be in their respective positions, I can’t say enough about how wonderful they were to me. I should add that I work as a chaplain for a hospice, so I know something firsthand about being there for people who are hurting . . . but I’m always on the helping side of things. Speaking now as the one who was helped, I can’t express enough how fantastic both Nicholas and Daisy were to me and my family. They were just wonderful.

Don Shoji
San Pedro, CA

Arranger, John Tays, was extremely helpful and sensitive at a... Read More

Arranger, John Tays, was extremely helpful and sensitive at a time we were going through a lot of emotional pain. Thank you, John, for your compassion.

Martha Hight
Santa Barbara, CA

I recently suffered a loss and I have to say... Read More

I recently suffered a loss and I have to say the staff at the West Covina office did such an amazing job at making things really easy for me to arrange. Picking up my loved one made it that much easier when they received me with open arms. Thank you West Covina keep up the hard work and thank you for what you do.

Emily W.
West Covina, CA

Personally, I had a great experience with Neptune Society! My... Read More

Personally, I had a great experience with Neptune Society!

My wife and I decided to use Neptune Society for our funeral plans, and then my wife got very ill quickly. I tried to speed up a meeting with my rep (unfortunately the new years weekend) but got return calls never the less.

They gave me the 800# for the customer service to call, and everything worked like clockwork for me. When my wife passed, I called the number and everything else just happened as it should. The ambulance came and got her, and took her to the funeral home for cremation.

The rest of the paperwork went extremely smoothly, and got to order more certified death certificates as well.

We chose not to do the private boat, but did go to Ports O Call Waterfront Dining and got to see her boat go out and come back.

I highly recommend their services.


Richard K.
San Pedro, CA

Charles went out of the way to make the process... Read More

Charles went out of the way to make the process easier. He hand delivered documents and the ashes. I have used the Neptune Society before with good results and I highly recommend them.

Roger L.
Santa Barbara, CA

I understand how emotional, frustrated, impatient, and sometimes even unreasonable... Read More

I understand how emotional, frustrated, impatient, and sometimes even unreasonable people are when a loved one dies. After dealing with doctors, nurses, insurance companies, hospitals, and family members and friends – however well intentioned – it is often when death occurs that the pressure really sets in. I have personally dealt with Neptune Society and got to know several of the employees. It is sad to see the many negative reviews because my experience with this company has always left me feeling that they do truly care and try their best to work with the County and medical offices, both of which can cause delays beyond the control of a mortuary. I’m glad I took the advice of people I know to trust Neptune Society and didn’t just read reviews on an anonymous restaurant review site from people I have never met.

Kitty C.
Burbank, CA

I have used the services of the Neptune Society twice... Read More

I have used the services of the Neptune Society twice at two different periods in the last few years and have had no difficulties at all. I was under no pressure to upgrade to services (urns) I didn’t want and things were taken care of as stated. I was under no time pressure if that was a concern for others.

Neptune Family Served
Santa Barbara, CA

Losing my partner of 23 years was very difficult, especially... Read More

Losing my partner of 23 years was very difficult, especially in a world where there is so much hate. We were afraid to be waving a rainbow flag for that reason so we never married, to my great sorrow. It’s been hard to express my loss while trying to be vague, but a wonderfully sweet & understanding woman named Carolyn Simpson was so nice and never once made me feel like my partner & I’s love was lesser than for any reason. They are very helpful and there are so many lovely options. At first I was looking through the expected Grecian urns, etc and then saw a lovely stained glass lamp, so much like Tiffany lamps she had that she thought so pretty, and I could just feel her standing there pointing at my screen going “”That one!”” They worked out a package for me that let me have the lamp, a small keepsake urn, a basic box for the bulk with a pretty brass plate engraved with a fave song lyric and a nice clipart of a piano with music wafting over it, and finally the small silver heart with a pinch of my true love inside that says “”Always in my heart”” that will be around my neck ’til they carry me out feet first. Thank you, Carolyn! You helped make things just a bit less difficult.

Nora S.
Sherman Oaks, CA

My father passed away a few weeks ago, and I... Read More

My father passed away a few weeks ago, and I wanted to take the time to write about my experience with Neptune Society, especially in light of some of the negative reviews I have seen on Yelp.
My parents had paid for the company’s services close to twenty years ago, and I was a bit concerned if there would be any issues. I knew that even the smallest problem could prove horrendous at the time of my father’s death, so when the doctor’s told us that the end was approaching after an illness & decline over many years, we called Neptune Society to find out ahead of time about the process. They informed us that the account was paid in full and in good standing. In fact, if my mother wished, she could have hospice care team from the hospital make the phone call at the time, which they in fact did, saving her the trouble.
The two gentlemen who came to collect the body were professional, respectful, and made the experience as palatable as something like this can be. They sat with my mother for about 30 minutes, gently asking her for the necessary information, then set about their work. Everything went as smooth as possible.
A few days later, I spoke with Trevor B. at Neptune Society who explained the remaining steps, including the purpose of the death certificates. He patiently walked through each possible situation which would require a death certificate, and helped me to arrive at a reasonable number to order. He also emailed documents to have signed and return, and also sent them by post just to be safe.
My father was cremated, and we opted to pick up his remains from the Sherman Oaks office. I arranged a time of day with Trevor, and he was promptly waiting with the death certificates.
I am greatly reassured given the professionalism and helpful manner exhibited by Trevor and Neptune Society, especially since I will at some point have to go through this process again for my mother. At times of loss, the emotional toll is so great that any difficulty can appear compounded by grief. I am so relieved that nothing in our dealing with this company and their employees added to what was already a very sad & difficult time for our family.

Jonathan G.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I lost my Father recently and was devastated. Jennifer was... Read More

I lost my Father recently and was devastated. Jennifer was so kind and understanding, as well as, the staff. Jennifer smoothed out the bumps along the way and I received the VIP treatment from her. I’m in a stressful situation, with a sibling that can’t conduct herself in a reasonable manner and Jennifer has endured above and beyond with a great attitude. Thank you.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Sorry to say but we are a "return customer" after... Read More

Sorry to say but we are a “return customer” after our first family death eight weeks ago. Must say that Carolyn was a pleasure and a blessing to work with. Very attentive and helped guide us through the paperwork and whole process. Thank you for the care, support and taking such good care of our beloved grandmother’s wishes and remains.

Sherman Oaks, CA

We had a pleasant experience with Jennifer and I found... Read More

We had a pleasant experience with Jennifer and I found her to be very kind and sympathetic. We called them, the came and picked up my father in a timely fashion and took care of everything. They were responsive and professional. It did take about a week or so to get the death certificate but we weren’t in a rush. Everything went as it should in a difficult and trying time.

Gilbert N.
Sherman Oaks, CA

After reading the reviews for the Neptune Society, I felt... Read More

After reading the reviews for the Neptune Society, I felt compelled to write mine. My loved one passed on August 30. I called in the early morning hours and Kathy was my contact. She could not have been more compassionate, sensitive and professional to me in a very emotional and stressful time. She was always available to answer my concerns and eager to help. Thank you.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Our family has worked with Neptune Society for 3 family... Read More

Our family has worked with Neptune Society for 3 family deaths over the past 25 years.
Most recently in May for the death of our mother, at Neptune Society, Sherman Oaks, California. All the actual cremation services I believe went as prescribed. There was a glitch in communication in dealing with when death certificates were available for pick up.
What I am impressed with is how the miscue by Neptune was handled. Fairly, quickly, and respectfully.
How a company handles errors and dissatisfied clients is more important than when things go 100% as planned.
All organizations have missteps, and how they are handled is more telling than when things go smoothly.
I have the highest respect in manager Chris A. at Sherman Oaks, CA and how she listened thoroughly to my frustration and then calmly and adroitly addressed the situation.

Danielle F.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Sometimes people are brought together for a certain reason. Without... Read More

Sometimes people are brought together for a certain reason. Without going into too much detail, as we were making arrangements with Carolyn and answering questions, it became clear that Carolyn had a lot of empathy for our situation. She gave us tips and advice and really understood our situation.
Seeing as this was my first time dealing with cremation and services for a loved one, I would suggest being as involved as possible and as thorough as possible. If you have a question, do not be afraid to speak up and ask! Read everything you are signing. If something seems fishy, don’t sign it. Ask why or change it. I told Carolyn I am always available via telephone and email and boy, she was on it. We talked on the phone everyday. But that gave me peace of mind I needed.

Courtney W.
Sherman Oaks, CA

The gang at the Neptune Society in Santa Barbara helped... Read More

The gang at the Neptune Society in Santa Barbara helped my family tremendously through our tough time. Even with our million phone calls and emails weeks after they were still answering and taking the time to make sure we understood.

Rich P.
Santa Barbara, CA

They were wonderful when I lost my mother. One phone... Read More

They were wonderful when I lost my mother. One phone call was all I did and they took care of everything. My mother pre arranged so they had all of her wishes and it was all paid for. That’s why I went to work for them a few years ago. You can’t choose how you get here… but you can choose how you leave! Choose Neptune and you won’t be sorry.

Gina L.
San Pedro, CA

We used the San Pedro branch of the Neptune Society... Read More

We used the San Pedro branch of the Neptune Society for my father in August 2013. We did not have a pre-paid plan and everything went smoothly. One phone call, and a few emails and all was done. Edwin Garcia was professional and understanding. The service itself was simple, by our own choosing, but there different options, depending on your needs. I can recommend them, especially Edwin, with no reservations. We had a very good experience during a difficult time.

Colleen T.
San Pedro, CA

When a loved one passes it is difficult to deal... Read More

When a loved one passes it is difficult to deal with all the logistics and regulations you face from the arrangements to the finality of the whole process.
I run a business and I want to send this note on how professional and responsive Neptune has been during this process.
Whenever there was a question or concern a call to our contact was made and if he was busy within a short time he returned the call and answered our concerns or questions.
At one point I was made uneasy when I looked on YELP for your phone number and I started reading the reviews.
I told our contact this had me really upset and concerned. He told me that things had changed and he assured me he would see that we had no difficulties.
Well he was right and responded in any situation with compassion and heartfelt warmth at our time of grieving.

Tim D.
San Pedro, CA

But For me, I found the Society people to be... Read More

But For me, I found the Society people to be very professional and Nydia was exceptionally helpful. I was also somewhat surprised to find out how they work with several cemeteries and that burial at sea is not the only option.

Ja S.
West Covina, CA

It's not easy to make arrangements for a loved one... Read More

It’s not easy to make arrangements for a loved one but I’m so thankful for Nydia and Debbie’s personal attention we received. Nydia and Debbie took care of us from beginning to end and guided us through all the decisions we needed to make. They didn’t forget any of the small details that needed to be taken care of and when we asked for their advice they gave the best recommendations.

Kryss L.
West Covina, CA

Really helped with my grandfather's funeral service. Even let us... Read More

Really helped with my grandfather’s funeral service. Even let us in to pick up the ashes after hours. Now that’s service!

Kelsey Kolish
Santa Barbara, CA

Places to Scatter Ashes in California

Municipal Rose Garden

The Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose is a beautiful and lush garden with nearly 200 varieties of 3,500 plantings. The rolling green lawns and bright, colorful blooms make it a picturesque spot to scatter your loved ones’ ashes and say goodbye. You simply need to call them ahead of time and let them know you are coming for a scattering.

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Mt. San Jacinto

Mt. San Jacinto is the second highest mountain range in Southern California. An aerial tram can bring family and friends to the top of the range, where there are panoramic views of the Coachella Valley, to hold a scattering for.

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The Pacific Coast Ashes At Sea

The Pacific Coast Ashes At Sea is a 20 year old organization providing families with affordable and unique scattering services. Their services include an Ashes Scattered at Sea option, either by boat or plane. It’s a way to take a sad experience and make it beautiful and memorable. They take very specific requests, and provide anything clients want in the memorials service (music, a clergy, personal readings, etc).

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Castle Rock Park

Castle Rock Park, a state park of California along the Santa Cruz Mountains, is an idyllic woodland setting to hold your loved ones’ scattering. The park management does require notice and a permit, and you can hold a relaxing and meaningful scattering.

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Additional Notes on Scattering Cremated Remains in California

Click for a list of items and services that may be included in a California funeral service.

California Cremation FAQs

What happens if you can’t pay for funeral services in California?

Although state funeral and burial assistance is in decline, there are available resources. To qualify for the California Indigent Burial and Cremation program, the deceased must have no estate from which to pay for a funeral, no family who can afford a service, and be ineligible for assistance from the Social Security or Veterans administration. If these criteria are met, the Public Administrator, or Indigent Burial Officer of the state, pays for a direct cremation of the deceased (the least expensive method). This is why it’s so important to pre-plan.

What does the California Department of Aging do?

The California Department of Aging administers programs to assist the elderly, disabled, family caregivers, and residents of long-term care facilities. The CDA has services in all communities across California including transportation assistance, physical therapy, health care advising, activities, caregiver support, senior employment programs, and more!

How many funeral homes are there in California?

There are 760 funeral homes in 375 cities of California.

California State Facts

State Nickname: The Golden State

State Motto: Eureka! (I have found it!)

State Population: 39,144,818

State Bird: California Quail

State Flower: Golden Poppy

State Tree: California Redwood

Bonus Fact 1: Castroville, CA is the Artichoke Capital of the World. In 1947 a young woman named Norma Jean was crowned the first Castroville Artichoke Queen. She later become famous by her screen name: Marilyn Monroe

Bonus Fact 2: California is the largest state in the country by population at 38 million people. 1 out of every 8 Americans is from California.

Bonus Fact 3: A redwood tree named Hyperion in the Redwood National Forest is the tallest living tree in the world at 379.1 ft high

Bonus Fact 4: California is home to the world’s first McDonald’s in 1940.

Bonus Fact 5: San Francisco Bay is the world’s largest landlocked harbor.

*State population based on estimates provided by the 2014 U.S. Census.
*Cremation rate provided by the most recent study by CANA in 2014.