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Recent Testimonials from Illinois Families Served

Paula Sexton in Palatine, IL, was very compassionate and helpful.... Read More

Paula Sexton in Palatine, IL, was very compassionate and helpful. We didn’t need the services of a full funeral home, the expense seemed quite high, so this option was very comforting. We were pleasantly surprised to see the vessel that our father’s ashes were placed in. It was very beautiful and dignified. Paula even suggested that we could have 2 separate bags of ashes if we planned to spread his ashes in more than one location. She gave the answers to questions that we didn’t even know to ask. I felt that the service was first-rate even though the cost factor was much lower than a typical funeral home. The care we received from Paula was even better than the funeral home we initially contacted, though they were the ones that provided the information on Neptune Society. We just felt much more comfortable and were very glad to have been lead to you.

Kristine Payne
Palatine, IL

I had received an offer in the mail for an... Read More

I had received an offer in the mail for an estimate from the Neptune Society. Since it had been my plan to have a cremation anyway I decided to send in the offer and have the rep come over to my home and we could talk about it.
The representative / salesman Jim was spot on time and had all the information at his fingertips. This is NOT a complicated process. You can get the basic plan which covers you within 75 miles of your home and you can add a supplemental for under a grand that covers you WHEREVER you may wind up when the time comes.
The agreements are simple, short and straight forward. If you can read quickly it is possible to read the whole agreement right then and there. No legal mumbo jumbo just common sense stuff. You give them your basic information like who to contact and other personal info. It’s a one page deal.
I paid right then and there. Simpler for me. You can pay over time or use a credit card. The representative, Jim was the star of the show. Very friendly and not pushy, explained everything very precisely. Jim left contact information which I can use to make changes to my next of kin information or address changes, etc. I will be getting a permanent membership card which has a large phone number emblazoned on the front for my wallet.
It brings you a lot of comfort to know that these things are taken care of in advance and will cover you anywhere you travel. They can send the urn to wherever you designate. If you choose you can pay a cemetery separately to bury your ashes and have a nice headstone installed for anyone who may want something to visit. My mom did just that.
Visit their site, check out reviews. You are not going to find a better place to get the job done. Oh and BTW I got PRE NEED KIT as a bonus, not bad.

Charles L.
Palatine, IL

Haven't actually *used* the preplanned cremation service we purchased from... Read More

Haven’t actually *used* the preplanned cremation service we purchased from Neptune Society, but I thought I’d post a review of our experience with Louisa, their sales rep.
We competitively priced the preplan option with current at-need pricing for a direct cremation and the prices are competitive. They also offer a true 30 day money back guarantee in case you get buyers’ remorse or find a better option. Louisa did a great job of describing the plan, and the options available. She helped guide us through the paperwork and made it simple. Hopefully, we won’t need to use the plan for a lllooonnnggg time, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Steve G.
Palatine, IL

My Mother signed up with Neptune Society as it was... Read More

My Mother signed up with Neptune Society as it was her wish to be cremated. After she passed all I had to do was make one phone call to the Neptune Society and everything was handled. They made what would of been the hardest part of a death the easiest. Sarah, who I dealt with was so sweet, nice and again handled everything for us. I myself will be signing up with Neptune so my kids will only have to do what I did, make one phone call and everything is taken care of. Thank you so much Neptune Society and a very special thank you to Sarah.

Ray C
Tinley Park, IL

Places to Scatter Ashes in Illinois

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is a massive baseball park and an iconic spot for Illinois natives. Do not have a scattering without calling the park and receiving permission, but there are many people from Chicago and Illinois in general that would love to have their ashes spread on the Wrigley Green.

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Chicago Botanical Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden is a 385-acre plant museum on nine islands in the Cook County Forest Preserves. It has a total of 27 beautiful gardens, and any one of them would be a lovely place to gather together for a scattering. The Chicago Botanic Garden is owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, so be sure to obtain a permit or permission from them beforehand.

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Matthiessen State Park

Matthiessen State Park is located by Utica and Oglesby. Famous for its array of unusual and beautiful rock formations and forests and waterfalls, this is a very unique and interesting place for a scattering. Contact the State Park management to obtain a permit, and gather your loved ones here for a memorable experience.

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Additional Notes on Scattering Cremated Remains in Illinois

Illinois law states that if you wish to scatter ashes you may do so in a legally established scattering area or in any manner whatever on the private property of a consenting owner. You can scatter in public areas so long as you have a permit, and you have to be at least 100 yards away from public roads or trails.

Illinois Cremation FAQs

What veterans benefits are available in Illinois?

The VA benefits provided (at no cost to the family) include a grave site; opening and closing of the grave; perpetual grave site care; a government headstone or market; and United States burial flag that can be draped over the casket or accompany the urn (and is given to the next of kin after the service); an engraved presidential memorial certificate signed by the current sitting President, expressing the country’s grateful recognition of their service.

How many funeral homes are there in Illinois?

There are 1,132 funeral homes in 594 cities in Illinois.

What happens when you can't afford funeral services in Illinois?

Although state funeral and burial assistance is in decline, there are available resources. To qualify for the Illinois Indigent Burial and Cremation program, the deceased must have to estate from which to pay for a funeral, no family who can afford a service, and be ineligible for assistance from the Social Security or Veterans administration. If these criteria are met, the Public Administrator, or Indigent Burial Officer of the state, pays for a direct cremation of the deceased (the least expensive method). This is why it’s so important to pre-plan.

Illinois State Facts

State Nickname: The Prairie State

State Motto: “State sovereignty- National union”

Population: 12,859,995 million

State bird: Cardinal

State tree: White Oak

State flower: Native Violet

Bonus fact 1: The first state to ratify the 13th amendment to abolish slavery.

Bonus fact 2: Evanston, IL is the birthplace of the classic ice cream sundae.

Bonus fact 3: Illinois is home to the Chicago River, the world’s only river that flows backwards.

Bonus fact 4: Aurora is known as the City of Lights because it was the first US city to use electric street lighting throughout the entire city.

Bonus fact 5: Birthplace of Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest human in history at 8’11.

Bonus fact 6: Nearly 80% of Illinois’s land area is farm land.

*State population based on estimates provided by the 2014 U.S. Census.
*Cremation rate provided by the most recent study by CANA in 2014.